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The Pros and Cons of Using VoIP


The VoIP is stands for Voice over internet protocol, it is the new technology and the service which transfers voice transmits form one person to another in the form of communication, the voice over internet protocol have gain too much impetus and is becoming the most favorite of the telecom. Peoples are now easily get the internet through their phone with the high speed and at very low cost with efficient service. The voice over internet protocol is the attractive and substitute of all the conventional phone services. The voice over internet protocol is the service which has been transforms everyone opinion about the telephone. There are some of the things which should to be set.

Advantages of voice over internet protocol
People are possessing broadband connection with the cable and DSL which can make use of voice over internet protocol and it can also avail the benefits of the voice over internet protocol telephone service at the low cost. The cost of the connecting PC to the phone is normally lesser than a conventional long distance call rates or the even the call of PC to PC it consist no cost in making calls even in the world on the one computer to another. The voice over internet protocol charge the fee of whole month and they also give some of the free or unlimited calls on specific areas, and they also give offers on the long distance call in the reasonable or in less price, voice over internet protocol also gives the portability to the traveler that it is easy to get in the suit case and if you have the access of broadband connection then you can easily get connected or keep in touch with your family, friends and workers. Your voice over internet protocol provider gives you a telephone number which you can carry anywhere and easily plug it in any broadband connection.


Disadvantages of voice over internet protocol
there are some of the disadvantages of VoIP are emergency calls and the power interruption, the emergency calls can be more quickly trace to the tradition phone call, but in voice over internet protocol the tracing is almost difficult or impossible even without the power, you can generally attend the normal calls but in IP system it is not possible to attend any call is there is no power. The more issues are regarding to the quality of sound and reliability, as when we are transferring the data over the internet, email, and various other documents are mailed but some of the time the data is dropped even it will not reaches in time, even it becomes silent in the sound steam, so to reduce the voice connection to delay the data packages are dropped, so this dropping of data is depend upon the speed and distance of the connection, like if you have more traffic you will get and see more dropouts specially on the peak times, so this the disadvantage of voice over internet protocol service.

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